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About Us

Find Lyrics is a web-based online lyrics provider, with a huge lyric database of thousands of singers around the world.

Our History

Find Lyrics was founded in 2016 by Synegare Web Development Indonesia. Our office is located in Ciamis City, West Java Province, Indonesia.

Our motivation is to provide user friendly lyric sites that make our users feel comfortable when reading song lyrics directly from our site. We also provide information about song lyrics, such as albums, genres, singer information, singer biographies, song releases dates, song writers, and other information that users need.

Our Missions

Our mission is to provide a legal and exhaustive lyrics to our users. And we are committed to always improve the quality of our services.

Our strengths of services.

  • Find Lyrics is free to use forever.
  • Find Lyrics is user friendly and easy to use.
  • Find Lyrics provide song lyrics from any genres, any singers in the world.
  • Our database continues to grow every day.
  • We accommodate social media sharing features for all users.
  • Users can have a warm discussion with other users using comment form feature.
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